We are committed to supporting our teachers and leaders to become more effective, innovative and reflective practitioners.

At Cranmer Education Trust, we are passionate about professional development. We invest heavily in CPD for teaching and non-teaching staff. We believe that everyone can continue to develop throughout their career and that we have a collective responsibility to continually improve our practice. 

Our Trust professional development programme supports non-teaching staff, teachers, and leaders, in developing their knowledge and expertise, supporting sustainable improvements in student outcomes. Working with our Teaching School Hub, we:  

  • commit to the full Early Career Framework programme for ECT and Mentors
  • support our staff to complete National Professional Qualifications
  • commit to the Oldham and Tameside Practitioner Networks for Secondary colleagues

We invest time in developing knowledge and skills that help staff to grow professionally and to remain competent, effective and innovative.

Blue Coat CPD Spotlight Events

Following the publication of Blue Coat’s OFSTED report, the school has had numerous requests for visits to see how the school does certain things; colleagues value learning from one another. The school would love to support each of these requests, but unfortunately, that’s not feasible, instead, we are able to offer three Spotlight Events where school leaders are welcome to visit the school and have the opportunity to find out more. 

Each day will include an introduction from the Headteacher and an overview of the Leadership’s vision and strategy. There will be time built into the day for a school walk around, speaking to middle leaders, teachers and students, and dedicated Q&A time. The target audience is relevant senior leaders with oversight of the given area, but you are welcome to be accompanied by another appropriate colleague from your school. 

Each day will be charged at £80 pp. To keep the day meaningful for attendees, places are limited to 10. Refreshments and hospitality will be provided.

Book your ticket: Further details about the agenda of each day are below, please book via the Eventbrite links and a member of our team will be in touch with you. 

Spotlight: SEND22nd March 2023

Ofsted say: 

Leaders identify pupils with SEND quickly and accurately. Subject leaders prioritise the needs of pupils with SEND when designing their curriculums. Teachers are furnished with detailed information about the needs of individual pupils. They expertly adapt their delivery of the curriculum to support pupils with SEND to know and remember more.


1. Welcome by the Headteacher
2. SLT Vision and Strategy: Our Context and Story
3. Consultation and Transition
4. Universal Offer: Pastoral and Curriculum
5. Selected and Targeted: Pastoral and Curriculum 
6. Q&A

The day will include walk rounds

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Spotlight: Curriculum29th March 2023

Ofsted say: 

Pupils experience an ambitious curriculum that is successfully designed to build a deep and secure body of knowledge over time.Leaders prioritise curriculum development and, as a result, teachers feel empowered to support all pupils to learn effectively.


1. Welcome by the Headteacher
2. SLT Vision and Strategy 
3. Implementation – Hear from middle leaders who will answer questions and go into further detail; including a showcase of documentation, books, department meeting etc
4. In action – Learning walk and walk around department development time
5. Q&A

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Spotlight: Reading20th April 2023

Ofsted say: 

Leaders prioritise reading. They have an exceptionally well-thought-out strategy to identify pupils who have gaps in their reading knowledge. Expert staff support these pupils to catch up quickly with their peers. Across the school, leaders have ensured that all staff are teachers of reading. Pupils read widely and with fervour


1. Headteacher Welcome
2. SLT Vision and strategy 
3. Universal Offer: testing & monitoring, literacy across the curriculum, staff training
4. In action – Learning walk and walk around peer reading provision
5. Selected and Targeted: interventions 
6. Q&A

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