Our People

The local leaders
of education knowledge

We are committed to the development of all staff throughout their careers and to growing inspiring, committed, highly skilled and reflective practitioners. We set the bar high.

We don’t recognise “good enough”. Cranmer is about excellence – it is at the heart of everything we do. We really are all in this together because the young people are our future. To enable all to achieve, progress, experience success, and to become good people, good neighbours and good citizens whom we are all proud to know.

We are committed to recruiting committed staff who align with our mission, vision and values. We are committed to welcoming staff to our trust with well-planned induction and immersion into the way we do things. We are committed to continual professional development, from Early Career Teachers, to executive leaders and everything in between: for teaching, for teaching support; for business, for leadership. And through the Cranmer Institute, through our structures and our networks, we are committed to fostering creativity and knowledge. We know that they key to improving opportunities for children and young people is to build sustainable capacity – in other words, we build people up, we empower people and where possible, people have agency to shape their work, to be creative and in turn, to develop and shape others. Because that’s how a healthy sustainable system maintains stamina and continues to thrive.

Cranmer Institute is proud to be part of the Cranmer Education Trust

Cranmer Education Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. Company registration number: 07687709. Registered Office: Cranmer Education Trust, c/o The Blue Coat School, Egerton Street, Oldham OL1 3SQ